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To join the Jaguar Drivers’ Club Area 3 Cambridgeshire please complete the enrolment form below.
Please note you must be a member of the Jaguar Drivers’ Club.
To join please visit The Jaguar Driver’s Club website

Terms and Conditions.
By clicking the Acceptance check box at the foot of the enrolment form you agree and accept how we store and use your personal details.
We use MailPoet which is a bulk emailing system that personalises each email sent. Unlike normal emails no other email addresses are displayed either in the To or CC fields of the header.
We like to display members cars on the website which may also display you name, however please let us know if you want your numberplate blanked. Email addresses are never displayed either on the website or in an email. If an email address needs to be displayed you will temporarily be given an area 3 address which will forward on to your own email address with out displaying it.
All committee members have such forwarding addresses keeping their private address secure.
Your first and last names and email address have been added to the Mailchimp secure database and will not be passed on to any other member or 3rd party without your written consent. There is the option to unsubscribe by clicking the link at the foot of every email sent. However in doing so you will no longer receive News Letters or details of Area 3 events or activities.
We are GDPR compliant.

You can pay on line using online banking, in branch, Cheque or cash which you can at one of our monthly meetings. Our bank details are:-
JDC Area 3
sort code 30-90-09
account number 53563968

Your membership will not be active until we have received payment

Membership is £24.00 0r £36 per couple and runs from 1st January through to the 31st December.
We offer a sliding scale of membership if you join part way through our membership year.

If you join in January, membership is the full price £24
This is £2.00 (£3.00 a couple) per month and we therefore reduce the fee per month of joining.

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